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  Dry stone masonry walls are the most sustainable and maintenance-free structures on Earth. The craft of
dry stone masonry has been alive for as long as humanity. It is a building method which has remained virtually
unchanged for thousands of years. Dry stone masonry is a stone building process which uses
no mortar or
concrete to bind stones together. These super-durable structures are stable because all face stones are
carefully fit lenghtwise into the wall to create a
load bearing facade, locking the stones together using
friction and gravity. Large cap stones finish the tops of the walls locking lower courses of stones, preventing
movement. Water and drainage are never a problem with dry stone walls. This mortar-less construction method
leaves no water trapped within the wall. Instead, the wall naturally percolates the water through itself which
helps keep the stones dry and intact.
overall cost of a dry stone wall is very comparable to inferior pressed block systems and it will
last many times longer. Pressed blocks not only have a shorter life-span but also come in on oil-guzzling barges
from overseas where they are stamped out in a smoggy factory. The stones used for dry stone walls are gathered
local quarries and delivered in bulk. This process does not deplete natural resources and does not
involve massive amounts of fuel. Dry stone walls can be considered a cost-effective, and green alternative to
environmentally costly pressed block retaining wall systems.

   Owner of Complete Outdoor Installation, LLC,
Zach Goebelt graduated from Kent State University with a
Bachelor of FIne Arts Degree Magna Cum Laude and is also a
Certified Professional Dry Stone Mason.  
During his studies at college he became drawn to the material qualities of stone while an apprentice on a public
art internship. He then endeavored the craft of dry stone masonry. In October 2008, he traveled to Shaker
Village of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky for the
Annual Dry Stone Walling Competition and to pass testing
qualifications for his Journeyman, Intermediate Level Certification with the
Dry Stone Conservancy.

   Practical knowledge and skillful dedication to the Arts and Crafts have enabled Complete Outdoor Installation
to provide clients with the highest quaility craftsmanship, installation and design.
  Complete Outdoor Installation is a Northeastern Ohio company specializing in dry stone
masonry installation and design services. Dry stone walls, such as the one pictured above are
known to last hundreds of years.

   In this website, different stonework applications have been catagorized by project type.

We seek for our clients to understand quality craftsmanship.
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Stone Walls
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April, 2008, Newbury, OH.  Dry stone culvert arch entrance way.
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Dry Stone Masonry
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