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Historic Dry Stone Fence Restoration
for the Akron Metropolitan Housing
Saferstein Towers, Akron, OH
 Complete Outdoor Installation, LLC was awarded this large scale dry stone fence restoration project
completed between July- September 2010. Over 1000 linear feet of stonewalls were restored during the
course of this historic project. The original dry stone wall on this property had been built in the 1840's, but
due to road widening and lack of maintenance the wall had been left a haphazard pile of rocks. All rocks
were placed to either side and then relayed properly along the project line, marking the first time a
full-scale restoration effort had been made to the site in over170 years! We expect our highly durable work
to last another 170 years before another restoration will be needed. This dry stone restoration project plays
an important part in preserving the cultural heritage of Akron, OH.
  Special thanks to Ted Achberger, Marc Berry, John Burnell and Patrick Oflaherty. Also, everyone at the
Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority, Project Architect, Ron Rasmussen and Property Manager, James
Project Scope: